Primo, of course, means “the best”, and that’s why we work very hard to be "the best" in children's multi-vitamin.

We use natural ingredients, natural flavorings and organic sweeteners.

Primo Vitamins are the product of years of research and a partnership with some of the most innovative minds in the nutrition industry.

The result: a vitamin that’s as great tasting as it is healthy. And that’s important, because a vitamin can’t do its job if a child won’t take it. As a busy parent, you can feel good about your child’s health and your part in ensuring it.

Primo Children’s Multivitamins are in gummy form rather than tablet form, which gives them a pleasant chewy consistency, rather than a not-so-pleasant, chalky one.

Why a product that uses organic sweeteners is better than one that doesn’t.

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Primo Vitamins are
certified vegetarian
and vegan because
they contain no
animal products.

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Fruits, vegetables and fiber provide a natural source of vitamins and minerals every growing body needs.

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